We update our databases and models as soon as companies file new 10-Qs or 10-Ks with the SEC. Companies tend to file their 10-Qs and 10-Ks around the same time, which creates a deluge of filings over a 2-3 week span, which we call Filing Season. During Filing Season, we leverage our Robo-Analyst technology and human experts to parse the filings for all the financial data needed to produce proven-superior research.

This work saves our clients enormous amounts of time and money.

During the three weeks of 3Q23 filing season we parsed 2,931 filings and saved our clients a total of $903,390[1]. See Figure 1 for more details.

Figure 1: Putting a $ Value on Our Parsing Work for Clients: 3Q23 Filing Season

Sources: New Constructs, LLC
* FTEs = Full Time Employees

The savings in Figure 1 are likely very conservative estimates because they do not account for the cost of any management or training of analysts. Nor, do they count the cost of building the financial models to house the data or tracking accounting rule changes to make sure those models remain accurate.

Even with these conservative assumptions, it is clear that we create tremendous value for all of our clients, from Stock Tracker 50 to Professional and Institutional members.

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This article was originally published on January 4, 2024.

Disclosure: David Trainer, Kyle Guske II, Hakan Salt, and Italo Mendonça receive no compensation to write about any specific stock, sector, style, or theme.

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[1] Cumulative savings is calculated assuming it takes nine hours per filing and a full time employee making $100/hour to parse each.

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