About New Constructs

New Constructs leverages the latest in machine learning to analyze structured and unstructured financial data with unrivaled speed and accuracy. The firm’s forensic accounting experts work alongside engineers to develop proprietary NLP libraries and financial models based on the best fundamental data in the business for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Clients include many of the top hedge funds, mutual funds and wealth management firms. Partnerships with Thomson Reuters, Scottrade, Interactive Brokers and Ernst & Young provide leveraged distribution into multiple markets. David Trainer, the firm’s CEO, is regularly featured in Barron’s, Marketwatch.com, The Wall Street Journal and on CNBC as a thought leader on earnings quality, valuation and investment strategy.

In his interview at the BBVA Global Fintech Competition in New York, CEO, David Trainer, focuses on what separates New Constructs from the competition.

Financial statements are supposed to tell a story about what the company did. But in reality, they only tell you the final score.
You need comprehensive information you can understand. Our goal is to help you make smart investment decisions by digging deeper into the numbers.

We publish unique investment research and a suite of portfolio management tools so you can build, manage and grow your stock market assets. Together, we can improve your odds of success as we set the new standard for Investment Research.

We are the only Investment Research provider with an approved United States Patent for a system and method to analyze financial information to automatically determine the true profitability of a company.

Why You Need a New Kind of Investment Research

Companies are required to disclose the potential impact of adopting new accounting regulations. Unfortunately, the disclosures are filled with legal jargon that may be difficult to find and impossible to translate.

This important information is often buried (legally) in the footnotes.

Finding and then understanding accounting disclosures gives you the ability to recognize early warning signs that can prevent poor decisions. Free or “boiler plate” investment research makes little effort to search and interpret the footnotes of items that may change your view of the company.

New Constructs patented system is designed to scan and interpret the entire report so you can invest with conviction. We are an independent research firm which means our loyalty is to you, the investor. Together we can raise your odds of success with the new standard of investment research.

About David Trainer

David is a distinguished investment strategist and corporate finance expert. He is a member of FASB’s Investors Technical Advisory Committee, and he is author of the Chapter “Modern Tools for Valuation” in The Valuation Handbook (Wiley Finance 2010).

Trainer combines his expertise with an analytical focus to assess the core impact on stocks from accounting rule changes and corporate actions. He and his research team cover over 3000 stocks by leveraging New Constructs’ Patented Research Platform.

This platform sources all financial data directly from the SEC and is capable of analyzing and delivering corporate financial data, most notably the Notes to the Financial Statements, for all U.S. companies.

David is a distinguished investment strategist and corporate finance expert. He is a member of FASB’s Investors Technical Advisory Committee.