Why One Investment Style Falls Below the Rest

This week, ETFs and mutual funds in the Small Cap Blend investment style are in the Danger Zone. The Small Cap Blend style ranks last out of the 12 styles as detailed in our 2Q15 Style Ratings report.

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Weekly Webinar 5/21: The Difference Between Growth and Value Investing

In this webinar, CEO David Trainer explains the difference between “growth” and “value” investing, and what you should be thinking about when you create your portfolio.

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David Trainer Explains How We Find the Best Stocks for Our Clients

find the best stocks

In this extended podcast, CEO David Trainer will be talking about the process and ideas behind how we find the best stocks for our Most Attractive Stocks list.

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Why You Can’t Judge a Fund by its Cover


This week we’re putting RidgeWorth Mid Cap Value Fund (SAMVX), which has $4.6 billion in assets under management, in the Danger Zone for the number of ways in which it misleads investors.

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The Components of the Best Stock Ratings

best stock ratings

In this extended podcast, Investment Analyst André Rouillard and CEO David Trainer will be talking about the two components of the best stock ratings.

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Weekly Webinar 5/14: What Makes New Constructs’ Research Different

In this webinar, CEO David Trainer compares stock reports by Morningstar, Zacks, and Capital IQ to our stock reports.

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Here’s Proof That Wall Street Equity Research is Not Reliable


In this podcast, CEO David Trainer discusses how a recent headline provides an example of why you shouldn’t rely on sell-side Wall Street research to make good stock picks.

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How to Pick Good Stocks Using New Constructs Tools

pick good stocks

In this podcast, we’ll walk you through how to pick good stocks using our website tools.

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Don’t Bet on Rising Auto Sales With This Stock

Sonic automotive

Investors may be tempted to follow in Buffett’s footsteps by making a similar bet on the United States’ rebounding auto sales and low gas prices — but we don’t think the famous “rising tide lifts all boats” analogy applies here.

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Why We Put Briggs and Stratton in the Danger Zone

Briggs and Stratton

CEO David Trainer sat down with Chuck Jaffe of Money Life and MarketWatch.com to talk about our Danger Zone pick this week: engine-maker Briggs and Stratton (BGG).

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“athenahealth Remains Richly Valued” – Barron’s


This past weekend, Barron’s magazine featured our research for the third time in 2015.

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How Can an Industry’s Leading Company Also Be Its Worst Stock?

briggs and stratton

While investors have been busy paying attention to this company’s EPS, they have been ignoring two realities: that this company has become significantly less profitable as its stock price has risen, and that the company’s management team has failed consistently on several counts.

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Why You Should Watch Our Weekly Webinars


In this podcast, David Trainer will explain what we’ll be talking about in these webinars and how you can benefit.

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Weekly Webinar 4/23: How to Use Our Stock Ratings Part 1

In case you missed it, or in case you wanted to watch it again, here is our live webinar from this week.

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Why Our Education Section Could Change Your Investment Process

If you haven’t noticed, we recently added an “Education” section to our website, accessible via the tab at the top of this and every page. In this tab, you’ll find almost all of the metrics and theory behind our research

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Why We’re Cautious About the Energy Sector


The Energy sector ranks dead last out of all 10 sectors in our most recent 2Q15 sector ratings report. This is because 67% of Energy ETFs and mutual funds earn our Dangerous or Very Dangerous ratings.

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Take a Serious Look at These Consumer Staples Stocks

consumer staples stocks

2Q15 Sector Analysis The Consumer Staples sector ranks first out of the 10 sectors as detailed in our Sector Rankings for ETFs and Mutual Funds report. It gets our Very Attractive rating. Photo credit: Jack Zalium

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What’s Wrong With Energy Sector Funds?

energy sector

While energy prices look to have bottomed out at this point and it may be tempting to bet on a broad turnaround in the sector, the funds in the Energy sector simply do not provide compelling investments.

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Weekly Webinar 4/16: How to Pick Good Stocks

This webinar provided insight into the process of finding quality stocks using the tools provided to New Constructs members. We highlighted the power of our system

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This Cloud Stock’s Bubble Could be About to Pop


It’s hard to short cloud stocks in this environment, and we’ve been burned before. However, there are a few tailwinds that this stock has been benefitting from that have disappeared, making this stock’s short prospects even better.

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