Sector & Industry Fundamentals

$ in billions - as of 11/19/21
Calculation methodologies for these metrics are below the table.
Definitions for these metrics can be found in our Education section here.

We derive GAAP Net Income, Core Earnings, NOPAT, Invested Capital, Economic Earnings, and Free Cash Flow by summing the individual values for each company in the sector/industry.

We calculate ROIC and WACC as market-weighted values relative to each respective sector/industry. Details below:

  1. Company weight equals the company’s market cap divided by the market cap of the sector/industry.
  2. We multiply each company’s ROIC or WACC by its weight.
  3. The sector/industry ROIC and WACC equals the sum of the weighted ROIC or WACC for all the companies in the sector/industry.

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