At New Constructs, we find it, you benefit. Our proprietary technology helps clients protect themselves from red flags buried in footnotes. Our forensics accounting expertise provides the best risk/reward analysis available. We shine a light in the dark corners of SEC filings so our clients can make safer, more informed decisions. Our recent reports out on Twitter (TWTR) and Allstate (ALL) showcase the thoroughness and diligence New Constructs provides. With this information available at your disposal, value investing can once again be attainable.

Watch our webinar with David Trainer to learn exactly how New Constructs allows you to grow your wealth the smart way.

With the average company 10-K spanning over 200 pages long, it’s easy to see how value investing has become a near impossible task. Identifying undervalued companies requires a complete understanding of all items a company reports within their 10-K. Even after understanding this material, adjustments must be made to derive the true recurring cash flows of business operations, as GAAP allows many loopholes to be exploited to manage “earnings numbers.”

In addition to investment ratings on over 3000 stocks, we also rate 400+ ETFs and 7000+ mutual funds. These ratings get to the bottom of what drives performance of ETFs and mutual funds –– their holdings and costs. Not only do we calculate a more true measure of the costs incurred when investing in a fund, we also analyze every stock held by any ETF or mutual fund under coverage.

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