Every investor deserves access to unconflicted and comprehensive fundamental research.

Our Robo Analyst technology makes it possible for every investor to have the sophisticated fundamental research that Wall Street insiders use.

Level the Playing Field


Leveling the Playing Field

Our technology gives all investors the sophisticated fundamental research previously available only to Wall Street insiders.

Truly thorough investment research software - Every 10K, Every 10Q, Every Footnote - Every Day.

The best stock research tools online, powered by machine learning.

Details on our Coverage Universe of 10,000+ stocks, ETFs and mutual funds and Financial Filings Calendar.

Hedge Fund Managers

Institutional Portfolio Managers

Get the same reports that experts from top news sources like USAToday, Market Watch, CNBC and Barron’s rely on to craft their articles.

When you become a New Constructs member, you get access to reports that financial reporters use in their articles. In fact, New Constructs reports and David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs, have been cited over 60 times in news articles over the past six months and over 300 times since June 2004.

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