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You want to offer your clients the ultimate level of service. They deserve the inside-track to the best fundamental research on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. At New Constructs, we have the information you need to be a successful advisor, while allowing your clients to get the very best from you. Together, we can be a force to be reckoned with!

We provide the best stock research tools online, all powered by machine learning. We believe the future is with artificial intelligence and research automation. It allows us to provide you with higher quality data, alerts, in-depth research, ratings, and more so that you can be the best advisor you can be.

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Why New Constructs is Unique

New Constructs differentiates its research by analyzing the financial statements, footnotes and MD&A in 10-Ks & 10-Qs for all companies under coverage. Powered by machine learning, our top stock analysis software does more than a human analyst ever could, unearthing details previously missed. Our patented system for reversing accounting distortions and determining the true value of companies enables us to unearth key details buried in Financial Footnotes and Management Discussion & Analysis to make our models more reliable and accurate.

Our best stock analysis tool never asks you to take our word for it. Proof of the value of our research is in the performance of our stock picks as you can see in our Proof Is In Performance reports and in our stock-picking accolades from Barron’s, CNBC,, Forbes, and more.

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Value Investing 2.0

The value investing process is the DNA that runs through our reports and tools. Your investment in a membership with New Constructs helps you eliminate the need to spend hours doing research in 200+ page annual and quarterly reports. Let our forensic accounting experts and top stock research tools do it for you.

Your membership with New Constructs does the research for you, which means we place the companies you select into an easy to use My Portfolio tracking tool that gives you access to our detailed reports and clear ratings.

We make it easy for you to make confident decisions. In the long-run, the stocks and funds you keep in your portfolio are a direct reflection of your commitment to grow and protect your money. Your future is closer than you think and every decision matters. You need to know if there is critical information buried in an obscure disclosure in an annual report. Our top stock research tool can find it and keep you safe.

You will clearly understand why a report recommends to buy or sell based on our deep forensic research. The tools are comprehensive but easy to follow so your decisions are made with conviction.

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How Our Robo-Analyst Works

Our Robo-Analyst technology is powered by the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence and is why we are able to offer the best fundamental research to advisors. Robo-Analyst trains with a database using 150,000 expert-parsed financial filings. This deeply robust training data set is what sets our technology apart from all the rest. Natural language processing technology is only as good as the training data that feeds it, and our training data set is many years ahead of and better than the competition. With the use of the statistical and pattern matching engine, we are also able to interpret text based on prior disclosures from a company. Our program isn't fooled by any changes made in disclosures, allowing you to truly rely on the analysis that you receive from our software.

Harvard Business School featured the power of our Robo-Analyst technology in a recent case study.

Why New Constructs is the Best Option

You work hard for your clients, and we work hard for you. At New Constructs, we differentiate our research by analyzing financial statements, footnotes, and the management discussion and analysis (MD&A) for all of the companies that we cover. Our software is powered by machine learning and does more than human analysts could ever hope to do. Our patented system reverses accounting distortions to identify the true profitability of companies. This allows you to find some of the hidden gems as well as the red flags that may be buried in financial footnotes or MD&A. It allows our models to be more reliable and accurate, thus allowing you to be more reliable and accurate.

We ensure that you have the very best to build your own portfolio as well as to build the portfolios of your clients. We offer video tutorials, education, white papers, as well as webinars.

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