Do Hedge Fund Managers Really Buy Good Stocks?

Each quarter, the SEC requires institutional investment managers to disclose their holdings through a Form 13-F. These forms reveal exactly what many of the largest hedge funds and institutions have purchased or sold over the past three months.

We’ve taken the 10 companies most widely held by investment managers as of 12/31/14 and analyzed their 10-Ks with our proprietary technology and models. This analysis allows us to get a clear picture of each company using all of the information from their 10-Ks — even things found only in the MD&A and footnotes sections. This is something no other company does.

Surprisingly, some of the top holdings are highly overvalued companies that have made the news recently. Don’t get caught following money managers who buy bad stocks.

However, there are a few gems in here that certainly warrant their large hedge fund stakes.

Find out which companies “expert” money managers are buying and whether or not you should be paying attention.

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Note: This list excludes American Airlines (AAL), which is not under our coverage at this time.

Photo Credit: Tony Hammond (Flickr)

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