Waterstechnology Features New Constructs Unique Research Technology

Incisive Media’s Max Bowie features New Constructs unique footnote-searching research system in “New Constructs Unwraps ETF, Fund Screeners, Eyes Partners“.

Mr. Bowie highlights our ability to cover 10,000+ stocks, ETFs and mutual funds with an unrivaled level of analytical rigor. New Constructs brings an unprecedented level of depth to its broad coverage because it performs the diligence required to fully assess the financial health of the company and its stock. The New Constructs research platform is one-of-a-kind in the business and represents a cutting-edge application of technology for advancing the quality of research on stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

See examples of New Constructs’ diligence pays. Access our mutual fund and ETF screener and our stock screener – free for a limited time.

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